Plug in Light appliance switch is not showing up on

I have two light appliance switches connected and paired with my 2-Gig panel. I am able to control those using the panel but they do not show up on Is there some step i am missing? These switches were pre-programmed when i purchased my system from here.


This is typically going to be caused by one of two things:

  1. The panel has programming for question 79 regarding zwave control. If this is set to option (2) Enabled on panel, remote access disabled, this will give you local control only. This should be set to (3) Enabled on panel, rules disabled, remote access enabled. However, if purchased here, that should be the default programming.

  2. More likely is that has not received the equipment update. Cell connection may have been disrupted during pairing, or the panel has not been polled for an equipment update since the system was set up. Regardless of reason, this is easy to resolve. I sent an equipment request. Make sure to log out of and log back in. Are you able to see the devices?

Thanks Jason. The equipment request fixed the problem and i am seeing them now on