Please remove Light Dimmer (ID:41 from my account)

I am a new subscriber and this device was carried over from my previous service. The device does not function any longer and I am unable to un-enroll. Can you please delete/un-enroll from my account?

Happy to help!

Z-Wave devices can be removed remotely, so long as they are unable to communicate with the panel and fully powered down.

Commands have been sent to remove the desired device, please allow about five minutes for commands to take effect.

Keep in mind, you can also submit requests such as this via the Secure Message Tool if you would like.

Great, thanks. Wasn’t sure as I thought that secure message tool said something about not providing technical support. I’ll use that for similar inquiries in the future, thanks!

Submissions through the Secure Message Tool will not be posted on the forum for security purposes. Should you have technical support questions, the forum is the best place for them. Requests like the above are perfectly fine on the forum.

However, when requesting a change to your account (or device removal) or just submit information securely, the Secure Message Tool can be used and provides account verification.