Please Delete Garage Door

I am having difficulty with one of two of my MyQ garage Door Openers.

Could you please DELETE “Middle Garage Door Opener” in my system so I can start over again and reprogram? It says "MyQ VGDO "

Could you notify me on this thread when completed?

A command has been sent to remove the device.

could you please delete my whole garage door system (all sensors and the main MyQ hub) from my ADC account?

I am going to try Chamberlains app to see if that works better

Commands have been sent to delete these items. Please allow 10 minutes for this to occur. If you are currently logged in, you may need to log out and back in to see this change reflected online.

Lol…I was just going to do that too. I can delete locally though.

What’s your experience with the Chamberlain app? Better I hope.

If you find differences in the quality/experience with the Liftmaster/Chamberlain app and the integration, please post and let us know.