Please check my Lock Signal

I upgraded 2 of my 3 locks to the wifi versions.

Can you check the signal strength of my remaining zwave lock “Laundry Room Lock?”

I am not currently showing the lock, “Laundry Room Lock" as being associated with the account. Is it reporting in panel programming?

Here is a screenshot. It’s my last zwave lock I own

It used to be Courtyard Lock and I changed it to Laundry Room Lock. (this is a zwave lock) Currenty Courtyard lOCK AND kITCHEN lOCK are wifi locks now

Ah apologies, i was searching for Laundry Room Lock, appears it is showing as Laundry Room Look

That lock shows good signal strength.

NO - my apolgies for calling Lock, LOOK


not at all. Please let us know if there is anything else we can assist you with.

Have a great day!