Play Sonos When Alarm Triggered?

If I connect my Sonos system to Alarm.Com, can I use automation to tell my Sonos speakers to play when an alarm is triggered? ie: in addition to the siren, my speakers would all start playing

I read the 2019 thread with a similar question, but I figure it’s 3 years later and maybe this has been implemented by now?

Unfortunately no, Sonos audio cannot be automated like that via alarms.

Sonos can be added to scenes, which is the primary focus of the integration beyond single app control of multiple systems. This allows you to simultaneously control lighting, audio, alarm system, etc., with one button push.

OK. Thank you Jason. Please tell ADC the list of people looking for that feature is growing. :wink:

I was asking because my wife has very sensitive hearing and the tone and volume of the siren in the IQ 2+ panel causes her ears to ring for hours after hearing it. I want to turn off the panel siren and find an external source of alarm alert that is of a lower pitched tone, and volume adjustable. Are you aware of any such alert / siren?

Always happy to send feedback to!

I’m not aware of an option to customize the pitch of the alarm. There are options around it though. A straightforward one would be to use a Z-wave appliance module or outlet which has a sounder power supply plugged into it. Create an automation rule to turn on that Z-wave device when alarm occurs. That would allow you to use any simple wired siren, chosen based on pitch.

Thanks Jason. I’ve done exactly what you described with a past system. I was hoping there was a better solution these days. I’ll find a suitable sounder and go the Z-wave route again.