Planning ahead for GC3?

I’m in the planning phase of doing some ethernet runs in my new house. The plan right now is to run some CAT-6 to my GoControl panel for power use (by tying pairs together) so I can keep the power transformer in my network closet. Does anyone know if the new GC3 panel will support a direct ethernet connection, or will it be via a 900mhz module and a remote hookup (Like the TS1)? Just trying to find out if i should run 1 or 2 CAT6 cables to the panel location.


I don’t know about the GC3. It would either be Ethernet, WIFI or 900 MHz. The original Go Control panels are using 900 MHz with an new bridge device that plugs into Ethernet. I would guess the GC3 will use WIFI but that’s just a guess.