Phone Communication Malfunction - Don't have phone anymore

One of the phones linked to my app was recently traded in, so we don’t have it anymore. The new phone has been added to the app and works fine. I keep getting a malfunction saying the geo-device (the old phone we don’t have anymore) hasn’t communicated for over 24 hours. We’ve never had geo-services on this system, so I don’t know why I would get that malfunction in the first place. I’ve gone into the Manage Devices tab and deleted the phone. The malfunction persists and the phone keeps re-adding itself to the app. I know it’s a little thing, but it’s driving us crazy to see that malfunction all the time. Thank you.

That means that at some point the geo-services toggle in the notification settings in your app was turned on. If the Geo-services toggle was ever turned on in the phone app it would be listed as a Geo Device, and it would need to be deleted from that page. It’s a bit off the path and a common source of confusion, I wish ADC would re-examine where it is found or clarify the description in the malfunction.

In the website, go to Settings > Places > under the Device list on the right you’ll see the option to edit/delete the phone as a geo-device.

Oh my God, THANK YOU! You would think something like editing a geo-device could be done through Notifications, Automation, or Manage Devices. I understand their throughly process of putting it in the Places setting, but at least have those three functions which it controls link back to Places.

Thank you again.

Happy to help. Yeah I have made requests about this a few times to ADC. They have been redesigning all the website pages, updating them with new versions. I’m sure the Geo-services/Places page is in the pipeline, though I do not have any ETA.