Phantom Unlock

Sitting in the living room 10 minutes ago, and hear the panel say “front door unlocked”. Checked the door and it was indeed unlocked (cannot confirm that it was locked before). Check the log and there is an entry for “Front Door Lock Unlocked” with no further detail. Now, my first thought was we didn’t toggle the deadbolt all the way and it just slipped that extra little bit, BUT the log entries for manual events say “(Manually unlocked)” and this entry does not.

Any way to tell why the door unlocked itself? My wife and I are the only ones with app/remote access, and neither of us did it.

Happy to help. Looking at the history there are no commands to the lock, just the status from the system.

It looks like the lock shows the last Lock event prior being last night, then unlocked in this event, however I doubt that is actually the case and it looks like this is probably a status sync issue between the lock and the panel.

The sensor with the same name reported being opened and closed in the early morning, during the time period between lock and unlock, without an unlock event. My guess is that it was actually unlocked around then.

The panel got the status later and announced it.

The first thing I would do is replace batteries in the lock. If you notice similar issues in the future, a repeater may help, it looks like that lock has no repeaters for communication with the panel.

Thanks Jason, the sync issue makes sense. Both my wife and I agree we did not actually hear the lock cycle, just the panel announcement, so it was probably unlocked already and the panel was just catching up.

I’ll try the batteries, the lock is literally 6 feet line of sight to the panel so signal strength should be ok, barring interference or something else weird :slight_smile: