PG9984P Battery warning

My PG9984P motion sensor has been giving me a low battery warning for a while. I replaced the battery with a Panasonic CR123.
The current battery voltage measured while in the sensor holds around 2.9V. The low battery threshold voltage is 2.5V. Is this the point at which the sensor is supposed to register low voltage or the limit at which the sensor will no longer function?? If the latter, at which point does the sensor register low battery warning? <3.0V ??

The sensor is still functioning but the warning may be a bit premature.

I think that is likely a typo in the manual you are pointing out. 2.5 is generally beyond dead for a Lithium Ion 3V battery.

A Lithium Ion 3V is usually a little over 3V for most of its usable life. 2.9 is considered low and I think a common threshold on sensors.

Voltage drops off precipitously near the end of the battery life. It doesn’t drop in a linear fashion over time.

I was looking the datasheet for the battery…of course I’m not sure of the current draw of the sensor, nor the does the datasheet have a graph of a small <100mAh curve.

I’m going to experiment to see how far I can push the battery…