PG9944 Motion Idle Time

I have a PowerG PG9944 outdoor motion sensor set up as a driveway alert. I have it set for sensor group 25 (safety motion) so it only sends a chime to the panel. I have no issues with the sensor as it performs it job without issue. The question I have is about the idle time for the sensor, according to my activity log, it only goes idle after 1 hours time. This doesn’t affect the sensor from chiming in that timeframe but it does affect me tracking when the sensor is tripped from my logs. If it is tripped within that same hour it will not show up on my activity. Is there any way of changing this time to say 1 minute. This way I would be able to see the times people are coming and going in the driveway. I have a dedicated CCTV system and this would be useful to get the timestamps of when someone showed up.

Thanks in advance.

The 1 hour delay is part of a balancing act in where they try to provide at-a-glance status of motion detectors for users based on common usage requirements.

A motion detector’s actual status is not useful, as it opens and immediately closes upon motion. It does not stay open like a door or window until closed.

The online status then is intended to just show that activity has occurred within the past hour.

Contact sensors like doors and windows will only have a 3 minute activity delay.

Unfortunately there is no way to manually change the sensor type of a Power G sensor on the IQ Panel 2 from motion to a contact type, and it can’t be edited in

For sensors that aren’t Power G you are able to manually adjust the sensor type to Door Window and still select Group 25. If you are able to use a non Power G sensor in that location it might be an option.