Pg9922 questions

I have multiple PG9922s in my system. one of them is showing as closed on the manage devices screen of the ADC app, and all the others are showing as open. they have all responded as expected according to the testing procedures specified in the manual. why is is one showing closed and the rest open?

are glass break detectors normally open or normally closed?

Glass Break detectors are not eligible for sensor activity monitoring and do not report as Open or Closed. They open momentarily when their sensor is tripped, and if the system is armed it will throw an alarm signal.

A sensor programmed as a glass break does not show an open or closed status, you can view the devices and their eligibility on the sensors page. This page will correctly show the status as simply (OK)

If you hover over the icon you are seeing on the Manage Devices page, it does not indicate “Open” it shows a status of “Activated” though that is applicable to motion detectors, not glass breaks. That may be a bug, or a holdover from previously if the glass breaks were originally paired as interior followers or otherwise not programmed the same.

Ok. So does that mean the icons in the photo don’t have any meaning for glass break detectors?

Are glassbreak detectors supervised like other sensor types?


Those are the icons I was referencing. If you hover your cursor over them in the website, they list an “Activated” status like a motion detector, not “Open.” “Activated” is a status meaning that the relevant motion detector has been tripped within the last hour.

Since they are glass break detectors however they aren’t actually used for sensor activity monitoring, so that status shouldn’t be relevant. It does look like it occurs for all glass breaks, but it is likely a bug or oversight on that newer Manage Devices page.

If you login to the website and look at both the Manage Devices page and the Sensors page, they have different statuses. It is possible that ADC intends to start using glass breaks similar to motion detectors for activity monitoring, given that the Manage Devices page is newer, but there is no documentation for that and they still can’t be selected for activity monitoring. I’ve sent a question to ADC regarding this and I’ll follow up here.

Yes, at the panel they are supervised the same as any other sensor.