PG9914 Updating

I recently installed a few PG9914 motion sensors. They appear to work fine with my Qolsys 2, in that they are detecting and clearing the sensor locally just fine. But on the website and app, they continue to show as “Activated” and are not updating to reflect the local status. Is that typical behavior? If so, how long until it times out?

Yes, this behavior is normal. It should return to idle after 1 hour. The status on ADC will not effect the behavior on the panel itself.

Thanks. How is it expected to work with the new smart arming functionality? If I set the system to arm at night after 30 minutes of inactivity based on the motion sensor, will it only arm once that 1 hour elapses and it clears on the website, or will it work based on when the motion sensor was last truly activated?

I’m not sure about that. Surety support should be able to give us an answer on Monday.

The activated vs idle status is not real time status of the motion detector. Activated remains displayed in ADC for an extended period so that when checking the status of devices you can tell that motion has occurred within the last hour.

The real time status of a motion detector is not useful in any way for at a glance status, as it is either open during motion, or at rest when no motion is occurring. It cannot be left open like a window or door.

Smart Arming uses activity reported by the sensors. I’ll try to verify this as it is not explicit in the documentation yet, but it should be 30 minutes after the last activity was reported to ADC by the system, within the time-frame, if you select 30 minutes. If you do not see that in testing, please let us know.

Other considerations:

  • Smart Arming will not activate if a system is Armed Away
  • Smart Arming is not available currently if you use multiple partitions.
  • Sensor-based Arm Stay uses contact and motion sensors to detect activity; users select which sensors to include
  • Sensor-based Disarm uses motion sensors only so someone breaking in can not disarm the panel; users select which sensors to include
  • Image Sensors cannot be selected with Sensor-based Arm Stay or Sensor-based Disarm.