PG9905 Temp Sensor

I was curious with the addition of the PG9905 temp sensor, would we be able to control zwave devices with it? I know we can’t with a thermostat but thinking that this is a seperate device that could potentially be able to.

I am looking to start my aquarium cooling system when the temp raises to a certain level so I don’t need to keep the circ pump running all the time.

I don’t have a PG9905 here to test the new firmware additions, but 2.4 firmware release notes mention additional temp threshold options for the PG9905, as well as new compatibility with the ADC backend, so you should be able to use the optional probe and create a rule to control a Z-wave device.

I am waiting on a response from Qolsys regarding how granular the threshold options are for the PG9905. Will post reply here!

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Thanks for the update Jason

No problem. Looks like Qolsys says the high and low temperature thresholds can be set anywhere in between 180 and -40 degrees in sensor programming on firmware 2.4.

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The device entering alarm due to a high or low temp (determined by your programmed threshold) should be able to trigger a Z-wave device.

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Qolsys didn’t confirm if they could trigger z-wave devices? I will order one and see if the ADC automation has the capability to control zwave devices during a trigger, high or low. I know with the ADC temp sensor I am not able to do this type of automation since there is no option on the site for temp triggers. It only works directly with the thermostat and with notifications.

Is the PG9905 compatible with the older Qolsys Panel 2+ or only the newer ones that have the PowerG functionality?

The Qolsys IQ Panel 2+ is PowerG compatible.

The Qolsys IQ Panel 2 is not PowerG compatible.

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Update: I purchased the PG9905 with temperature probe. No issues getting it installed into my system. It was put in group 51 - Temperature. There was a setting where you can pick your high and low temp. Upon testing I have released the only thing you can do with it is have it send a notification if it hits that hi or low. There is no way to trigger an event. There is not even an option to see the current temperature of the probe, on ADC or on the panel. So it has a very limited use. Maybe at some point they will add to it.

Typically you would use a temp sensor as an aux alarm sensor and set up an alarm based rule in ADC. Are you able to select any other sensor groups? That group 51 is reporting to ADC as a no-response type, so there would be no alarms.

No, that is the only option for group type. The only option is under sensor type, freeze or temperature. Was hoping with this update there would be the option to use this sensor as one of the options in the automation rules in ADC to be able to trigger stuff.

The sensor group is the limitation in this case as it informs the panel how to report to ADC.

Can you try selecting Freeze for the type? What sensor groups are then available?

When I go to freeze it changes it to group 52 with no other options available

Can you go ahead and leave it at group 52 as a freeze sensor for a moment? 52 should report as an aux alarm. Just want to confirm that, because that should give you the ability to set an alarm automation rule for it.

Ok set it to freeze group 52. I’ll check out the ADC site to see if I can do anything with it

So for example, I can set an S-line sensor to use group 52 freeze, then go into and select it for an Event Triggered automation rule when an alarm occurs from that sensor.

Are you able to see that sensor as an option in the Alarm drop down for an automation rule?

No I am still not seeing it under alarm or sensor activity drop down in event triggered rules. I synced my zwave sensors also to see if that would make a difference. Thinking it just isn’t possible at the moment.

That is possible that it’s a specific limitation. There are some things with certain Power G sensors that ADC does not yet support. I am checking to see if this is expected or if there is an ETA for support.

I see this sensor as an option for notifications, just not automation, whereas other sensor group 52 sensors can be selected as an alarm trigger.

ADC has confirmed that they have found a limitation specific to that model. Any sensor programmed as group 52 should be useable as a trigger, but the PG9905 does not report as expected for some reason.

We are reporting this to Qolsys to see if it can be resolved in future firmware.

Ahh, thanks for digging into this for me. Knew something was right. I’ll keep an eye for any changes in upcoming updates.