Persistent Low Battery notifications

I am out of town and my IQ Panel 4 reported an alarm because of a low battery in a motion sensor. I re-armed the system, bypassing the sensor, but I am still getting email notifications that the battery is low (and then not low!). Is there any way to turn off these notifications?


An Alarm signal is not caused by a low battery, but looking at your history that motion detector does appear to be malfunctioning. It appears to be sending repeated statuses to the panel and may be failing.

Bypassing the sensor will stop any alarms from being triggered by that detector. Low battery reports can still be sent.

The first thing I would recommend when able is to power off that sensor, wait 2 minutes, then reinsert fresh batteries. Do the reports stop?

It looks like that sensor may be programmed as an entry delay triggering motion. Have you had problems with it in the past?

The low battery notifications cannot be disabled on a sensor by sensor basis, but you can disable low battery notifications temporarily in under the Notifications page. Edit the system actions to watch notification. Unselect “The battery is low in one of my devices.”

Thank you. That option to disable warnings was well buried. I never would have found it.

When I get back home, I will see what I can do about that sensor.

Thanks again,