Paring Aeotec range extender

I having a devil of a time trying to pair Aeotec range extender to 2GIG using Zwave.

Have you tried removing it from the network before adding it? Zwave devices can only exist on one network at a time and occasionally, the devices aren’t removed from a network when they’re tested at the factory. Whenever I’ve had a difficult time learning them in, it’s been because the device is still part of another network.

Thanks Jay, but still don’t get it.

It’s possible that your Aeotec z-wave repeater thinks it belongs to another z-wave network and therefore won’t enroll on your z-wave network. If you bought it used then it likely still belongs to the previous owner’s z-wave network. Even if you bought it brand new, Aeon Labs would have tested it at the factory before they shipped it out which would have required adding it to a z-wave network. They’re supposed to remove it from that test network before shipping but sometimes they forget and they ship out a new device that’s still enrolled in the z-wave network it was tested on. Either way, the solution is to remove it (un-enroll it) from the old z-wave network. Then you can add it to your z-wave network as a new device.

  1. Plug in the Aeotec repeater near the 2GIG panel (within 20 feet or so).
  2. On your 2GIG panel do services -> z-wave -> toolbox (the wrench) -> remove devices.
  3. Press the learn button on the Aeotec repeater.
  4. Usually you'll see a message on the 2GIG touch screen saying a device has been removed. Not always though.
  5. On your 2GIG panel do services -> z-wave -> toolbox (the wrench) -> add devices.
  6. Press the learn button on the Aeotec repeater.
  7. The 2GIG touch screen should say a device was added. If it doesn't then something is wrong.
  8. Move the Aeotec repeater to it's permanent location and plug it in.
  9. On your 2GIG panel do services -> z-Wave -> toolbox (the wrench) -> advanced toolbox -> rediscover network.