Panel won't arm. Remote log in.

Simon XT panel won’t arm remotely from app, or website.
Signed in no problem, both show logs of activity and sensors.
But it won’t arm, it times out.
The radio is obviously working, unless it’s intermittent I suppose, and the sensor
activity is forwarded periodically.
I can’t think of any reason for the radio to work intermittently.
This has been a problem for months and this is my first attempt to solve it here.

Let’s check your cellular signal strength. On the Simon XT keypad press and hold the “5” key for 10 seconds. How many bars of connection strength does it show? You want to see 3 or more bars.

REMOTELY. I cannot be there. There has not been previous reception problems, and I have not been able to arm for months.
But I am getting all the sensor details (open/closed/left open/etc)Thanks.

So I can log into the system on the app, and see the sensor reports, it has been sending door open and door close alerts regularly and immediately while unarmed, while I had someone there opening doors.
That person was not arming the system, but I was able to arm it manually without issue last time I was there.

Now it’s vacant but I still see the sensor statuses.

Is there some other test I can do to test the radio? I think the fact that I’m getting door open/close alerts immediately indicates no problem with radio.

Whenever I try to arm remotely whether stay or away mode, it times out without arming.

There are a few probable causes for delay or time-outs on inbound commands to the panel.

Inbound traffic and outbound traffic from the panel are affected differently by some issues. For outbound signals, the panel cell module just needs to connect to the cellular network, to any tower signal, for any length of time and the signal can reach ADC. For inbound commands to the panel, if the panel loses communication while a command is being sent, that command is likely to hang and/or time-out.

This is seen a lot when a cellular network extender is being used on the property, because the cell module is repeatedly trying to connect to the extender as a signal source, and being denied each time. In effect you then have a module that is swapping between two connection points continuously, one of which it cannot communicate through.

With Verizon modules and a Verizon extender, this can typically be fixed and the module allowed to connect to the extender. With AT&T the extender will not allow the module to connect.

Do you know if you have a cellular extender at the location?

Other than the extender, this kind of error is sometimes seen with certain carrier changes to service towers, errors with the module registration, or in module malfunctions where the module can communicate but it is simply failing to sync the inbound commands to the panel.

Unfortunately most fixes for this type of issue must be performed at the panel. With remote commands timing out, that means remote troubleshooting commands will also fail.

The first recommended step is to power off the panel for at least a full two minutes, then power back up. This will force re-registration through the cell carrier and can resolve software malfunctions if present.

We will check with ADC to see if any other users in your area are seeing these kinds of delays.

Thanks Jason,
My employee there says it’s getting 19 signal strength.
It has been unplugged for 4 minutes to reset as you suggested. (Simon XT panel)
I still cannot arm REMOTELY, through Website, or phone app.
What should I try next?
She is not good with technology, so the simpler the better.
I need to get that property secured in the next few days.
There is no extender, just an antennae (Verizon from what I recall).
Again, outgoing signal seems ok… it notifies me quickly when doors are open, etc. But I cannot arm remotely. I am sure arming it there at the panel is easily done.
Thank You!

I dug into more of the signals and history, and if you do not have a cell extender locally, I think this is going to be caused the carrier and third party cell infrastructure your panel is connecting to.

Your panel reports as roaming 100% of the time. This means that it must use a 3rd party cell tower to connect to the carrier’s network (Verizon). Something along the way when the 3rd party and carrier route the signal appears to be causing inbound signals to fail.

Unfortunately this appears to be a fairly remote spot, and I’m not seeing any other systems which would connect to the same infrastructure in order to confirm issues.

I am opening a carrier trouble ticket with so that they can work with Verizon on identifying the issue, though it may be possible that the impending CDMA sunset is part of the cause as the carrier diverts resources.

The only other local troubleshooting step that might have an effect would be replacing the cell module with an LTE version. This may help resolve the issue, since it would be using a different network. It will also be necessary eventually as the CDMA network sunset is coming in a couple years.