Panel tamper alarm

Yesterday I went through the process of factory resetting my IQ2 panel in order to get wifi dual-path functioning with the backend. That appears now now be functioning correctly. However, I’m now experiencing a report of panel tamer in the app and on the website – however locally at the panel there is no report of a panel tamer. I did not open the panel in any way as part of the reset. Any suggestions on resolution, and why would this tamper not be reported on the panel?

I decided to try to open and close the panel cover to see whether this resolved the issue. It appears to have resolved it. Not sure what originally caused this, but this extra step seemed to have fixed it. Maybe post will help someone else experiencing a similar issue.

If the status in ADC is not matching there are some commands we can send to sync up, or as you have done you can cause the status and restore it on the panel, this will push a restoral to ADC.