Panel swap

I have active service with you and have recently upgraded my qolsys panel. It arrived last night.

Do you only perform panel swaps Monday thru Friday?


I answered my own question. I’ll secure message the required info to begin the swap process during business hours.

Regarding the power supply…

I am upgrading from a qolsys iq panel to qolsys iq panel 2. The power was hardwired to my smart panel by an adc dealer when the house was built in 2017. I noticed that the power supply for the iq2 is a lower voltage. Is it safe to assume that if I just swap the power supply that I can use the existing wiring? There is no way for me to be certain that the run is under 25 feet.

It is not necessarily safe to assume the same wiring would work, though the original Qolsys panel had a somewhat limited wiring distance as well.

What wire gauge was used? If it is 18AWG it would be more likely to work. This is printed on the sheathing.