Panel Swap

Just had a panel swap performed, it seems my master code has been changed, I tried the default code for a new panel and my old code and none of them work…

try 1111?

For 2GIG, the default master code would be 1111. A successful backup-restore of panel settings will typically be able to send codes as well though.

However, this process can take a while, so if you try to access before it is done you may run into problems.

Also, just to clarify, what are you attempting to access on the panel? Remember installer toolbox settings will require the installer code rather than the master.

If you press security - menu - toolbox - master code: are you able to access now?

I tried the “1111” and all my other passwords and none of them work. I am attempting via the “installer toolbox” and via the bottom right of the screen. Neither works.

I am attempting via the “toolbox” and via the bottom right of the screen. Neither works.

You need to use the installer code, not master code via logo and toolbox. Default is 1561

The button in the bottom right would not accept the master code, only the installer code. 1561 is the default installer code.

The code you use to arm/disarm etc. cannot be used to access installer toolbox functions.

If you cannot disarm or access the standard toolbox (not Installer Toolbox) with the master code, then that would indicate the codes weren’t successful, can you log into and re-save user codes? This will send them down fresh to the new panel.

If you can disarm and access security - menu- toolbox with that master code, then that is fine and what is expected.

Installer and master are two separate codes. If you do not recall the existing installer code it can be reset.

Cool so now I know the installer code is not restored during a panel swap. 1561 worked perfect I forgot about that one since its been a few years since I did the install and I changed it years ago.

Thanks so much!