Panel Startling me in the middle of the night

Hey folks, I have a 2Gig Go system, for my home automation I use it as a secondary Z-wave controller (works great), a TS1, Garage Door controller and about 24 Sensors, am using a VZW Cell Card. Usually my system functions pretty flawlessly.

Tonight is the second time this has happened in the last month, I set the alarm for Stay No Entry Delay at 12:39 AM … At about 3:27 AM the system re-announced “System Armed Stay”. I couldn’t figure out what exactly was going on and it scared me that either the panel was rebooting or someone/something was initiating a quick exit (wife uses that to leave to work in the mornings) or some other hack of the system.

I checked the history in my mobile app history, and it showes that it received a “Set Panel Date/Time” command.

Just wanted to know what exactly is going on…

Got an alert on my phone at 7:21 AM that my Garage was opened, and it wasn’t. Again wondering what’s going on…

A panel reboot would indeed cause the system to re-announce status, however no updates occurred on this account which would initiate a reboot. Have you checked the login history on the account?

Is this garage sensor a Tilt sensor, or is it a MyQ garage system?

If you have a tilt sensor on the garage door you might want to replace it with a overhead garage door reed switch and a DW10. Tilts are notorious for malfunction and falsing.

Anything that would have caused the panel to restart or reboot would have triggered the armed status voice announcement.

Since you have yours set as a slave, the issue may have been caused by the primary.

I according to the history it received a set date/time command right as the alerts occurred.

My garage door has a 5816 with an external garage door reed switch, and I’m using the MyQ.

Hm, looks like it was the MyQ that reported status. Is it a wifi hub and sensor or a gateway and door button?

Have you looked at the panel history itself regarding the “armed stay” vocalization? is there anything in the local history at that time? Everything I am seeing in the history is indicative of a power cycle occurring.

Set date/time always occurs after the panel powers back up.