Panel Shows AC loss and Low Battery but No Power Outage

My Panel is reporting a trouble beep. The screen states low battery and AC loss.

I can verify there is no power outage. Which battery is it referring to?

The most likely reason this would happen would be the panel power supply is unplugged or the circuit breaker is thrown for that circuit.

Have you checked your breaker box to make sure all switches are in the on position?

After that, it may be that a wire is loose inside the panel where it connects to the terminal block. Check the wires where they connect, are they loose or broken? Same goes for the power supply end, make sure the screw terminals are tight and the wires have not come loose.

The console low battery alert is referring to the back-up battery inside the panel. It will recharge when power is re-applied. If it is an older battery, it may not be able to hold a full charge. If you notice low battery alerts for the panel very shortly after a power loss, we would recommend replacing the back-up battery.