Panel reports power failure and several sensors low battery

My panel is reporting a Panel Power Failure and several of my sensors are reporting Device Low Battery. Additionally, two of my mobile devices are reporting a malfunction. What do I do to fix this?

Happy to assist!

To confirm, records indicate that the panel is signalling but the A/C power is disconnected. Did you recently have a power outage? Or has the transformer to the panel panel become unplugged?

Regarding the sensors reporting a Device Low Battery, are these sensors hardwired sensors or wireless? If they are hardwired, this indicates that your system utilizes a hardwire takeover switch, like the 2GIG TAKE-345. If that is the case, the backup battery that it is connected to is drained. The TAKE is powered off of the old wired alarm panel terminals or a separate power supply/battery charging circuit. If the battery is dead, the power supply could be unplugged. Can you confirm?

Lastly, the mobile devices reporting a malfunction indicates that the mobile device has not communicated with ADC w/in the last 24 hrs. It appears that you may have obtained a new device, is that correct? If so, you would need to delete the old device in the Geo-Services tab in the website ( Settings -> Geo-Services-> Click on the old device and remove it)

Then you would need to enable Geo services on the new device via the mobile app (Menu -> Geo-Services -> Toggle on/off)

Any Change?