Panel not responding

I got an email notice that one of my panels hasn’t responded since Friday. I have three locations with panels and am not onsight currently. How do I troubleshoot what the issue is? notifications for radio not responding should include the system description field, which can be used to differentiate your accounts if you have multiple similar ones.

While logged into you can see any current errors on the account you are viewing on the dashboard. If you have any question about the location which is generating the error, our customer service team can assist if you ask via our secure message tool here.

It looks like this is related to a Concord 4. The Concord 4 uses an external cellular module wired to the bus terminals on the panel.

In this case it appears there are multiple errors related to the system you are referencing. Power loss, low battery and radio not responding.

This typically just means it was unplugged (or the circuit it is plugged into is off) and can be resolved by restoring the power.

Check to make sure the 16.5 VAC transformer was not unplugged from its outlet, check to make sure its wiring was not cut/broken, and make sure the circuit breaker for that outlet is not tripped.