Panel not accepting user codes from

Codes not working at panel on my Office System. I had support send a reboot action yesterday, but it still isn’t accepting any of the user codes I’ve programmed into the website.

I just spoke with and it appears the hard reset command that was sent yesterday interrupted the user code command you sent. I would try sending the user codes again and seeing if they take effect

Yes, having the same issue now on my other system. I programmed a new user code, waited 30 minutes before using it- and it doesn’t work. Something’s not right with these systems transferring user codes over.

Can you try sending a cell phone test from the panel and see if the codes get updated in the panel?

Also, I’m not sure if this is relevant or not, but the panel will only accept unique codes, if 2 codes are identical, they will not be able to get downloaded to the panel. If memory serves me right, will actually prompt you that the codes you’re trying to save are invalid.

All codes are unique. I tried the cell phone test, but the codes still don’t work. I put in a new code on my other system today, cell phone test, reboot- nothing. It’s not updating the codes either. Any other ideas?

I just created a new user code on, checked ‘security panel access’

Then immediately (within a minute or so) armed panel locally, then disarmed with new user code, at panel itself.

So that eliminates the ADC back end, and means you have a panel communication issue.

I would suspect intermittent comm failure, weak cellular signal/wrong antenna type, or that you may have a 2G cellular module, or that you are using a Verizon module, and it is going into roaming mode

In any event, your panel is having communication issues, which may result in events being delayed, or never reporting to central station in a timely manner (or not at all).