Panel Meter Low Battery

My new panel is reporting on the site a low battery 6:42 pm - Panel Meter (Sensor 1203) Low Battery but it doesn’t show low battery on the panel anywhere. It has power and shows the plug in the top right corner so I’m not sure what to do. sensor IDs for Zwave devices start at 1200. The alert is telling you that you have a Zwave device named “Panel Meter” with a low battery.

Ahhh, that would be the energy meter then. Is there a way to disable this alert since it’s plugged into AC and I don’t want to put batteries in it? It seems when you do even though it’s plugged in, it stops sending near real time data.

There is no way to disable that status reporting that I know of.

Did you learn in the device while it was on battery power? If the device thinks it is only running on battery it may kick into a power save mode. How long have you tested it plugged in with batteries?

Not long, I guess I will put batteries back in it tonight and see what happens. I did learn it on batteries so there is something else I can try as well to remove it and try to re-add it on AC only and see what happens.