Panel Keeps Beeping System Not Ready - Disarmed

My panel keeps beeping but I can’t figure out the cause for the beeping. The panel does have a yellow warning that the System Not Ready Disarmed.

One of my sensors is also reporting a tamper, how can I fix this?

I also have a door sensor that doesn’t always report the correct status. What could be the cause?

Happy to help!

It is likely that the intermittent beeping is related to the sensor reporting a tamper, along with the yellow warning that you are seeing. You can acknowledge the beeping from the panel by clicking on Status then Alerts and Acknowledging the alert. You can also confirm the reason for the “System Not Ready Disarmed” message by clicking the yellow bar. The panel should display which sensors are causing the notification. This message appears when sensors are reporting a failed stats or an open status when they are normally closed.

It appears that the sensor reporting the tamper is a Smoke Detector. If the smoke detector was removed from its mounting base and not aligned properly, it can report a tamper. What is the make and model of the smoke detector?

You will want to take the detector off the mounting plate to check its alignment and reseat. Additionally, the tamper could be the result of a foreign object or particle inside the detectors sensing element.

Are there any chirps or LED flashes on the smoke and if so what are the colors patterns? Most units have the ability to give an audio/visual cue as to what the problem could be.

What is the use by date printed on the unit itself?

Regarding the door sensor not reporting the correct status. It is possible that the issue is due to a borderline low battery or other signalling issue. To better assist, what is the make/model of the sensor? How old is the battery? How far away from the panel is this sensor? Is the sensor mounted on metal/near metal? Nearby metal can cause signalling issues.

Hello, I am having the same issue. I had my floors refinished in the area under the smoke detector. I see only now that the smoke detector has a “Do not paint” sign on it. While no stain or paint got on the detector, I assume that some of the particles have caused the smoke detector to show that it has been tampered with.

For me, my smoke detector is an ESL Model TX-6010-01-1. When I pulled it off, I saw a barcode sticker with a TX ID and DL number on it. I don’t know if you need it here. In any event, what should I do next? Do I need to replace the detector? How would I go about associating the new smoke detector with the alarm panel and deleting the memory of the old panel so that the bar on the top of my panel goes back to being green?

Thank you very much.

If you believe this to be due to house refinishing (which is possible) it may make sense to follow the instructions regarding cleaning the detector in the manual on page 3.

If you are replacing the detector, you would want to enter programming to delete the zone:

Settings > Installer Code > Installation > Security Sensors > Delete Sensor. Tap the check box next to the zone number you wish to delete and tap the Delete button. This will remove the old sensor programming from the panel.

You can then back out and select Auto-Learn-Sensor, then tamper the new smoke detector to learn it in.