Panel Issue will not Clear

The following is shown as an issue on for my system: Panel Power Failure (Panel). This issue first appeared about a year ago, and has never cleared. There has not been a power failure since, and this message was cleared on the panel. It does not seem to be affecting anything, but I would like to clear it just the same. Any suggestions?

This is actually reporting as a current condition. Status update requests are not clearing it so there may in fact be a strange issue occurring.

Just to clarify, how long is the cable between the panel and the power supply? Are you using the included GC3 power supply?

We’d like to send over a reboot command to see if that clears the alert. Would it be ok to send that now?

This is the one that is not using the native GC3 power supply. There is no one there now, but it should be a fine time to reset. Should I disarm first?

A reboot command will bring the panel back up in the state it is currently in so there is no need to disarm. However, if you are using an incorrect power supply the issue will likely not resolve permanently. We’ve sent the command now.

This is the one that is not using the native GC3 power supply.

I’m not seeing direct reference to this in prior posts, what power supply are you using? You should always use the included power supply with the panel.

Thank you