Panel Easily Reports Tamper

My 2Gig panel reports a tamper if I push on the front of it - this doesn’t occur when using the keypad on the display but does occur if I push elsewhere (near speaker or on top right of the panel). What would be causing this and how can I resolve it?

This would just be a physical issue with how it is mounted or the cover to the tamper switch.

The tamper switch is a small button right next to the screw at the top of the panel casing. The plastic arm near the screw hole on the back plate depresses the switch.

There is a rubber cover which should be on the tamper switch, if it is missing this can cause tamper issues. Other common causes are wires or the antenna cable bunching up and preventing an even seal to the back-plate, and a slightly protruding center of the back-plate where the mounting screws are very tightly screwed down but cable or uneven drywall/plaster behind the back-plate bows the plate a little bit, again preventing an even seal and allowing the panel to “rock” a little when mounted if pressure is placed in the right spot.

Been there, done that. As Jason says, its a physical issue. The panel has to lie completely flat against the bracket and the wall in order to reliably push on the tamper switch. It took me a couple of tries to get it right.