Panel display after go bridge install

I have a question on my panel next to the plug icon I am noticing arrows going up and down that display periodically , I assume this had to do with the go bridge ? Also I notice a faint humm from the speaker now as well and have had sensors say they are open, when indeed the sensors are closed, also had a loss of supervision error , these problems all started after the 900 MHz receiver and go bridge was installed , are these issues anyone else has experienced are they related to the go bridge?

Thank you

Arrows mean remote access is occuring (TS1 and/or Go!Bridge communication)

Closed sensors that report as open, and “malfunction- loss of supervision” is an issue with the sensor signal/tranceiver.

The humm I dunno (I have the 345/900mhz XCVR2 transceiver, and my TS1 speaker “hummms”, but not main panel speaker)

Try a power cycle

If the noise corresponds to the arrow symbols, check your antenna cable and make sure it isn’t running near the speaker.

Thank you Rive and Jason I reseated my transceiver and did a panel flash and it appears to have solved my above issues for now !! We will see what happens when I install the image sensor lol