Panel Cell Test Not Successful

I have tried several times but the panel will not pass a cell test. The signal strength does not read any higher than 4/31

Additionally some devices will not connect to the panel or trigger during a walk test.

Please advise.

Happy to assist!

Looking at your history, it does appear that the panel has completed a successful cell test. while low, the panel is currently reporting a signal strength of 11/31.

How long has this issue been going on? Has the panel been moved recently?

What troubleshooting have you already tried? You will want to power down the panel completely, transformer first, then internal battery. Once powered down, ensure that the cellular module is seated properly and that the module’s antenna is firmly attached. After about two minutes, power the panel back up battery first, then transformer. Once full booted, run a cell test, any change?

You will want to ensure that the panel is not mounted on or near any metal and that the radio antenna is not touching any power lines in the wall. Both of these can cause signalling issues.

Additionally, I am seeing several sensors and a few Z-Wave devices associated with your panel. What devices are you having trouble with? Will they not learn into the panel or will they not activate when testing?

Walk tests lets you know that sensors are functional, but it does not confirm correct programming and alarm generation. We recommend testing all sensors under normal arming conditions, especially right after installation.