Panel alarmed for no reason

Hi this morning I woke up to my alarm system going off. I don’t have the slightest clue as to why it went off.

The only activity recorded was the disarm which occurred automatically as part of an automatic rule.

The alarm went off probably 10 seconds before the family room motion sensor activated.

The panel was in armed (stay)

Are there any automation rules configured?

Was it an actual alarm siren, or a trouble beep? I do not see any record of alarm events during that time frame.

What does the panel history show? View under Settings > Status. Check under Alarms and History for any clues. If you are uncertain post a photo of those pages.

Hi Jason, yes it was an actual alarm siren.

It’s set my wife and I into panic mode to check on our girls definitely not a trouble beep.

The panel shows the same as the app.

Anything under Alarms?


Yes there is a rule to disarm the panel if it detects motion in the living room between 7:00 AM - 9:00 AM.

I don’t see any indication of any alarm, and if the panel does not show anything locally that is definitely odd.

So just to be clear, the siren was only sounding for about 10 seconds total and your automated disarm rule stopped the sounder? You didn’t interact with the panel at all to disarm?

Yes that is correct. When the siren was going off I was able to see that the light for the panel was red just before it automatically disarmed due to my motion rule.

Did you happen to catch any of the messaging on the red screen?

Given the lack of reports and event logs, I would guess that it may be due to the Severe Weather Siren Announcement feature or the Panel RF Jam alarm? But then I do not see any severe weather messages within the last month and it looks like RF Jam Alarm may be disabled in your settings.

The first thing I would do is update firmware. The panel is on an old version according to ADC.

You will need to update incrementally, first to 4.1.1, steps here. Then update to 4.2.1.

Then update to 4.3.0.

There are a number of things these updates address, including cell reliability and bug fixes.

I didn’t happen to catch it, the disarm rule took place before i could get to the panel, and quite honestly i didn’t look at the panel in much depth until I checked on both of the kids.

I did plug in an SDR capable of transmitting about a week ago. but i havent transmitted anything with it yet, its just been sitting at my desk powered on.

would the RF Jam Alarm show up anywhere?

I will update the panel.

Yes it should show up in history, and it looks like you have it disabled anyway. I don’t see any sensor activity that might explain an errant alarm, and the fact that the panel itself has no history of anything makes me assume it is a firmware bug.

I just started the 4.3.0 update, I’ll let you know if it occurs again.