Panael not working

I have 2gig cp21 345e panel witch is stop working with monitoring company because of old 3g card I think. Just want to know what best panel to upgrade with?

Hello, yes, looking at your account it looks like 3G signaling is to blame. I would recommend upgrading. There are a few options:

  1. Update your firmware and swap the cellular module in your existing 2GIG panel. I would recommend this if you really like the current panel, but it is a discontinued system, and no further firmware will be available or additional product support beyond what it has now.
  2. New 2GIG panel, such as the Edge.
  3. Upgrade to the Qolsys IQ Panel 2+ 345 Mhz version. This would be my recommendation if you want to switch panels.

The IQ Panel 4, the newest panel from Qolsys, is in a “soft launch” period right now and we do not currently sell it yet.

Witch one is better for long terms out of 2 that you suggested.

Id recommended changing from 2gig Iq 345

#3 would be the recommendation right now.

I got new panel what is next step?

U want to on to system manger and put in the new IMEI number of the new panel

When ready to swap out the panel, visit the System Manager here and select Swap Cellular Module/Panel. Follow the steps and add the new IMEI to swap the panel connected to your account. You’ll be directly to run a cellular test to complete the connection.

i did this right now
what next?

I change imei number in account what next?

If u followed the directions the new panel should be communicating with

U would just reprogram all the sensors and z wave devices and should be set to go

Can we transfer all device from old panel?

  • all sensor

What is my account number or how do I find it?

Where ur coming from a 2gig to a Iq panel I’m not aware that u can a have the guys transfer ur sensors and they would private message u the account number

There is no need for programming account numbers, etc. Once your IMEI is swapped and you run a cell test, your panel will be linked to your account.

If you need one of your account numbers, please send us a private message.

There is no backup and restore from a 2GIG panel to an IQ Panel 2+. Sensors can be programmed into the new panel using this guide. All sensors and Z-wave devices would need to be programmed at the panel.

Hi I did program panel as you suggested, and its working now. But is there any way to to raise speaker volume? This one is too low compared to 2gig panel.

U can adjust the volume in settings

It’s not aloud as the 2gig thats one thing I miss