Pairing QOLSYS DW Mini S-Line Sensor with GIG2 Panel

Good Morning,
I have an existing 2GIG Panel that works fine, I recently purchased additional QOLSYS IQ DW MINI S-LINE Encrypted Door/Window Sensor QS1135-840 to add for the additional windows in my house,
I went through the process using this Video but I’ am still not able to confirm that it’s
1- Picking Up the Right RF signal from the Sensor. (It comes up as an HoneyWell and the Serial Number isn’t always the same each time i try)
2- Being Paired properly, because each time it’s complete, I trip the sensor, but nothing happens,
I even Copied the same settings for the existing sensors (Not QOLSYS; they look like the one from the video above)

Lastly, is there a way to find out what the Serial Number for the Sensor is and Manually enter it?
Could you please assist with this Process?

Thank You.

Qolsys S-Line sensors aren’t compatible with 2GIG control panels. To see sensors we carry that work with 2GIG panels use this filter in our store.

If you purchased the S-Line sensor from us just we can easily exchange it with a 2GIG sensor and refund the difference.

Good Morning and thank you for the Prompt Reply,
(I Purchased 10 of these Sensors from eBay… Ouch…)
Would be easier to try to get them Refunded/Exchanged or to Update the Panel to a IQ Panel?
If updating the panel, would this be easier to be an DIY Project and would the equipment be pre-loaded/Pre-Configured or would they need to be Re-Paired/Re-Configured once it’s done?

Thank You,

It is probably always easier to exchange the sensors, unless the seller is hostile toward it.

That’s not to say replacing the panel is hard, but you would also need to replace all of the other current sensors you have on your system. All sensors would need to be relearned into the new panel.

The IQ Panel 2+ can only be compatible with one legacy sensor type, so either 345 mhz 2GIG or 319.5 GE.

Good Morning and Thank you for the reply,

The seller offered to Exchange the Originally Purchased QOLSYS IQ DW MINI S-LINE Encrypted Door/Window Sensor QS1135-840 with 2GIG 5816 WIRELESS DOOR WINDOW CONTACT TRANSMITTER. Before I agree to this exchange, Could you please let me know if the 2GIG 5816 WIRELESS DOOR WINDOW CONTACT TRANSMITTER is compatible with my Current 2GIG System?

Thank You very much.

The 5816 is a Honeywell sensor, and yes, Honeywell 5800 series sensors are compatible with the 2GIG Panel. The 5816 would work with your 2GIG Panel.