Pair iq2 panel running 1.5

Hi, how do I pair an iq2 panel running 1.5 to a main panel running 1.6.3?


Happy to help! From Qolsys:

If your version is behind or incompatible with the IQ Panel, your IQ2 must be updated over Wifi using this process.

  • Delete IQ2 from main panel
<li>Do two master resets on IQ2(s) back-to-back</li>

<li>Reconnect to Wifi on IQ2</li>

<li>Grab IP address and add to main panel, stay on Wifi connect screen</li>

<li>Add IQ2 to main panel DO NOT PING after adding</li>

<li>Go immediately to Upgrade Software --> enter Patch Tag "iq2163" and IQ2 Panel Upgrade Using Network.</li>

<li>Press OK when done. DO NOT TOUCH IQ2 for up to 10 minutes</li>

<li>IQ2 will reboot itself and finish installation process of upgrade</li>

Hi Jason,

Do I do a master reset by putting a paper clip in the small hole on the back of the iq2?


A master reset is performed through the IQ2 on-screen menu under Settings - More.