Outside Motion Sensors

I am curious would this be bad to do? Or Ok?

I live in AZ, so most of us have a lot going on our patios because well we can use them all year. So i have TV, receiver, put some nice speakers out there. Its all enclosed. Was thinking of adding some nice tables too and maybe a vintage pop machine.

However I don’t exactly want it stolen and was debating putting a motion sensor out there. Would that be ok? At the very least can you have it so a motion sensor only triggers the lights and send an alert? We have concerete walls around our houses here so its not like random kids are going to be running by or a deer. At worst sometimes cats and black widdows :slight_smile:

Outdoor motion detectors exist, though I would personally not program one as an alarm sensor without a lengthy period of testing and self monitoring to know for the specific property/purpose it will not false alarm regularly.

You can of course program any motion detector as a non-reporting sensor and set up notifications for it. It can then be used to trigger lighting rules in Alarm.com.