Outdoor Sensors

Are there any outdoor sensors that can detect if someone is moving around outside in a backyard for example?


What panel do you have?

If you have the IQ 2+ or the IQ4, then there are four Power G outdoor motion sensors.

The PG9994 is a motion sensor only.

The PG9944 is a motion sensor with a built-in camera that captures an image when an alarm is triggered. Note that it is rather a low quality image… you won’t be identifying faces from it. But it is useful for identifying person vs animal, for instance.

The PG9902 is a curtain motion detector, which means that it is more limited in detection width than the above.

The PG9350SL is a photoelectric beam sensor that is triggered when it is interrupted and works kind of like the laser beams in spy movies – but it is invisible to the naked eye, of course. Ideally suited for perimeters.

In addition there is the PG9312 which is a door contact sensor that is rated for the outdoors. I have a couple installed on exterior gates.

All of these are quite pricy – ranging from $100 for the door sensor, one hundred to several hundred dollars for the motions sensors, and up to $1k+ for the beam sensors. If you google the model numbers, you can find other merchants at which to buy them. Surety doesn’t sell them directly.

Do note that if you install these, and you set them to be on a sensor group that is alarmed (not just a local safety sensor or chime/notification only group), that it should be in a private area through which no people or large animals are expected to roam during arming times. If you install facing a street or something, you could find yourself with lots of false alarms.

EDIT: Note that if you just want to monitor exterior areas, a camera may be the most cost effective option. Surety sells the 724X which has intelligent analytics, live view, and clips of motion events. Not to mention the option of 24/7 recording with an SD card. If you want your exterior areas to be alarmed, however – or if the area you are monitoring does not have access to an outlet – then you’ll need one or more of the above Power G sensors, as the cameras cannot trigger an alarm on their own and also require a power source.

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The above is a fantastic overview of options. The PG9994 is probably the best fit for what you are asking as a general recommendation if you are just looking to cover a general area of a yard.

Generally I would recommend using sensor group 25 for outdoor sensors and not trip alarms with them. False alarm hazards are tough to avoid outside.

That sensor group can be used for notifications in Alarm.com and chimes on the panel.