Outdoor motion sensing lights

I have three outdoor lights - two on either side of the garage door, and one on my porch. There is a light switch near the front door and also one at the door between the house and attached garage. Its a 3-way circuit, either switch turns all three lights on/off.

My wife would like this somehow setup with a motion sensor (or sensors) so that all the lights come on when someone is outside. She’d also like the ability to force the lights on (and possibly force off, but that requirement wasn’t specified).

Is this something I can do with my 2gig panel? Is it possible to solve without involving my panel? I’ve seen motion sensing lights you can force on/off with a sequence of flipping the switch. But I’m not sure about the one or more motion sensors. I’m in Cleveland, we have cold winters - may impact motion sensor selection.

Using an outdoor wireless motion detector along with a Zwave lighting module and Alarm.com automation rules can achieve this.

This setup would not have physical wiring limitations and the light could be turned on and off as normal from the physical switch, the Alarm.com App, and by sensor activity rules.

Thats an interesting solution. I’ve not looked into Zwave at all - looks like the lighting module is basically a replacement light switch?

That motion sensor looks promising, but this one comment has me concerned:

Seems its not supposed to be in direct sunlight. Not sure where I could place it then. The front of my house faces south and no trees or anything, so its in direct sunlight all day long.

If a specific model will not suit the purpose, any outdoor motion detector with a Normally Closed contact relay will allow you to wire it to a wireless sensor transmitter.

The DW10, and the RE201 have contact inputs to trigger signals to your panel.

Any specific z-wave lighting modules, or any other lighting solutions, you can recommend for this application?

I’m looking to replace a few lights currently setup on astro timers:

So that these lights will instead be triggered from motion.

I like the Honeywell 5800 series…has worked well in my system…
but I’m not sure what to do about the lights.

(I would like them to still also be triggered off of the “flat on/off” switches as shown in the existing intermatic switch above.)

Thanks for your input…if you can list specific products to look at, that would be great!

Which Z-Wave light switches to recommend depends a lot on your environment and application. I’ve had the most experience with the Linear/2GIG/Evolve paddle switches (they’re all the same) and the Aeon Labs Micro switches (that work with existing switches) but I can’t say they’re the best. There are many Z-wave light switches to choose from. Avoid older GE Z-Wave switches. Those used to be a big headache. I think the newer ones are OK but I don’t use them.

Light switches are usually the hardest part of an Alarm.com system. If you’re into doing your own electrical wiring then you’ll have to read the specs and pick the one that meets you needs best.

Also consider that Lutron Caseta switches work with Alarm.com so that’s another option.