outdoor motion for qolsys panel?

Is there an outdoor motion detector for qolsys panel?

I’m looking to possibly put it in a two car garage. There is an entry door to the garage, a garage door, and two windows to protect.


Well, I don’t know of a good compatible wireless motion for outdoor environments and Qolsys. You can, however, just use a wired motion detector and connect its output wires to a wireless sensor with an input, like the RE101.

Wired outdoor motion detectors are fairly plentiful. Just make sure to choose one with a NC contact relay.

Thanks! What’s a NC contact relay? I’ll give it a quick google too.

I got it now.

Sorry, Normally Closed contact.

This topic has some info on an outdoor motion detector setup that works with Qolsys.

If you’re going to use it in the garage you don’t necessarily need an outdoor motion detector that’s water proof. You just need one that can handle the temperature range in your garage. You might want to consider the RE110P.