Outdoor Image Sensor

I’m wondering if the image sensor is something I can put outside?

I have a neighbors cat that keeps…relieving itself/digging in my landscaping and Animal Control isn’t able to do anything without a picture/video.

I’m hoping there is an image sensor that I can use to gather this info, but if not does anyone know of another solution besides video? I just personally don’t see a current need for it so I’m hoping to avoid the added monthly fee for something that I need to have simply to “catch” an irresponsible neighbor.

Unfortunately, the image sensor would not make a very good outdoor solution. The device is not designed to work in temperatures below 32 degrees and then there is the issue of waterproofing it to make sure that moisture doesn’t get in it.

As for a possible solution. A deer camera may be your answer. I’ve never used one myself, but my understanding is that they will take snapshots when they detect motion. It may be worth looking into.

I actually hunt so I have one of those already…just hadn’t thought of installing it for this purpose!