Outdoor Gate Sensor

We’ve recently had a couple of occurrences when our back yard fence gates have been opened without our knowledge (likely neighbor kids getting a ball or toy that went over the fence). Seemingly innocent occurrence likely, but often times we let out our dog without checking every fence, and we’re afraid she could run off if the gate was left open without our knowledge of it.

I found a Honeywell outdoor sensor for gates that looks like it will work. I’m thinking of setting something up that alerts “if gateX is open for more than XX minutes, alert mobile device or SMS”

Has anyone done something similar, or used the specific product below?

Honeywell Ademco 5816OD Weatherproof Wireless Door/Window Contact

I’ve never personally used that sensor, but I have been told it is compatible (as a 5800 series sensor, it should be) and the specs are what you would want.

If you need a wider magnetic gap than the sensor can provide you can always use it as a transmitter for a wired sensor as it has a wired contact input for Loop 1.