Outdoor Contact Sensor for gate?

I purchased two 2200 Mechanical Keyless Surface Mount Deadbolt Locks that I installed on my outdoor wood fence gates. We have landscapers who have access and sometimes forget to lock the gate after they leave. I could easily install a contact sensor to simply monitor if the lock is opened or closed. However, I’m not sure how it would do in the elements. Is there a weatherproof sensor? Should I just silicone it good on the outside?

Thanks for the help!

So you’re just looking for a contact rated for outside to determine open/close status?

For 319.5MHz the RE107 from Alula might do the trick.

If powerG is an option, the Outdoor Door Contact PG9312 might work too.

You can protect a normal sensor from the elements with an outdoor junction box but you need to mind the temperature ratings of the sensor too. This video might give you a better idea.

Wow these outdoor sensors are expensive. Thanks for the details, just what I’m looking for.

I’m thinking of finally swapping over my IQ panel to the IQ2+, then I can use the PowerG.

Ill send over the IMEI for you guys to transfer panels when ready. For the 50 zwave devices I have (the part I’ve been dreading). Do I just go to zwave and remove all? Or should I be going to each one individually and do the entire unenroll process?

Thanks for the details on the sensors.

For Z-Wave you have to add/remove each device at the panel. Remove all at the panel just removes all connected Z-Wave devices from panel programming but the network info is still stored on each device. Unfortunately, that info cannot be backed up and restored.

You can request a backup of sensor settings and users at any time. Just let us know.

When you get the new panel, dont use the System Manager to swap (it doesnt work with backup/restore) just let us know and we will get started. Additionally, don’t learn anything into the new panel prior to the backup restore as this can cause the restoral to fail.

While this guide is for going from Gen 1 to IQ panel 2, the process is largely the same.