Outdoor 2GIG Sensors

Are any of the sensors you sell waterproof and capable of being added to an outdoor gate? Second, are any motion detectors you sell resistant to the elements in that they could be placed on a porch? We have an old Voice Alert system that the previous owner left with the house and this motion detector does come in handy to know when someone is on the porch before they ring the doorbell or open the door (Mail, packages, etc.)

None of the wireless door contact sensors we sell are waterproof. They can be placed inside an outdoor PVC box you can get from the hardware store though, and then wired to a wired door contact. Depending on where you live you would have to watch out for the minimum operating temperature. The Resolution Products sensors have a minimum operating temperature of 0 degrees Fahrenheit and a maximum operating temperature of 120 Fahrenheit so if the temperature in your area gets outside that range then you could damage the sensor.

Also keep in mind that the wireless signals often don’t work through exterior walls. If your walls have a significant metal content in them (brick, stone, aluminum, rebar) then you might have trouble getting the wireless signal through from outside.

We don’t sell any outdoor motion detector but we’re hoping for Resolution Products to finally release this one they’ve been advertising for a long time.


A better way to solve both of these problems is to use wired sensors and run wires back to the house. There are many wired outdoor door contacts and motion detectors on the market. Any of these will have a normally closed contact output that you can wire to the 2GIG control panel itself, to a super switch takeover module, or to a wired transmitter. The RE201 door contact can be used as a wired to wireless converter/transmitter for up to 2 wired sensors.

The Resolution Products driveway magnetic field sensor is another option for detecting cars coming up the driveway. It wouldn’t be as reliable as an open/close contact on your actual gate but it’s waterproof and easy to install.