I ordered the kit for some reason I forgot to order 2gig firmware update cable, anyway can I do an OTA update

thank you

Happy to assist!

In order to send an OTA firmware update, the panel must first be communicating. It appears that this panel is not communicating and has yet to run a cellular test. In order to do so, follow this video here.

Once you have run a successful cellular test, OTA updates can be run. In order to request an OTA update, please submit your request via the Secure Message Tool.

Please note, each OTA update incurs a $10.00 Data Charge and can take anywhere from 3-12 hours to complete. During this time, your panel will continue to function normally but it should not be power cycled nor should programming mode be entered. Doing so can cause damage your system!

Note, if you use the TS1 secondary panel, please ensure that it is paired with the main panel before the OTA commences. The OTA Update will not be able to affect the TS1 if it is not paired properly.