OTA Command Delay Issues - Sept 2021

I’m having severe command delay and sometimes the commands don’t get to the unit at all.

I’m still using the 3g module (just ordered a 4g). Does that have anything to do with the delay or is there another issue currently going on in the infrastructure?

Thanks for any help or guidance on this!

3G is not going to improve, and in many places you will see poorer performance as we near the official sunset date next year.

The best step at this point to troubleshoot any 3G signaling is to upgrade to 4G.

One troubleshooting step you can try in this case at least until the new module is installed is to power down the system for at least 2 full minutes. Then power back up and let it boot up. Wait about 5 minutes then run a communication test from the panel. Any change?

Thank you sir!

It seems to have improved, but I went ahead and ordered the new module (I almost forgot).

When it arrives I’ll install it and see if comms get faster.

I read somewhere about connecting the system to broadband, is there a thread or topic on that? Perhaps I can get better comms overall if I can hook it up to the internet.


When you get the new module, you can swap the module ID connected to your account in the system manager here.

Broadband backup can make a big difference. The 2GIG GC2 panel requires the Go!Bridge to provide broadband backup. In turn, the Go!Bridge requires the 900Mhz XCVR2 to function, which you might already have since it is used for the TS1 secondary keypad and Image sensors too.