Ordered sensors from Surety and got something already opened

I ordered 3 sensors from Surety and 2 of the 3 sensors were unopened and good to use. it’s obvious that the 3rd package had been opened and had parts missing. I’ve sent an email asking for help and received no response.

I am sorry to hear that but I am happy to assist! Did you send the email to support@suretyhome.com? I am not seeing any emails from the email address on file. When was this sent?

Typically, questions are answered the same day they are received. If received after hours, then on the next business day. If we don respond after a business day, its likely we did not get the email. I am having our IT team look into this.

In the meantime, what is the make/model of sensor and what was it missing?

No worries, you guys are always quick to respond, and I finally have some time to run this down.
It was sent via outlook.com on July 1. It’s the PowerG Recessed Door/Window Sensor.

Thank you for that information, Im going to have customer service reach out in just to moment to get that return squared away.

Customer service reached out but I went ahead and sent you a PM regarding the warranty exchange too. Just let us know if you have any additional questions.

I submitted the info in an email and haven’t heard anything back.

Apologies, mot seeing an email response to the one customer service sent out. What part is missing and what is the Sensor ID number for that unit. Ill just get it started on my end, just need that info.

IT dept FWD a copy of your reply to me. Looks like it got caught by overly agressive spam. Ive started the exchange process and will follow up as soon as I have more info.

Ok, looks like you can toss the defective PG9307, it does not need to be sent back. Ive got an order in the works for a replacement as well. As soon as we have tracking for it, we will follow up to confirm.

That replacement should go out tomorrow and is being sent to the shipping address on file