Open Sensor on PC1616

I have a DSC PC1616 that’s showing an open sensor. How do I figure out which one it is?

Do you have an exit button on the keypad? If you press it until you hear the keypad beep, the keypad should relay which zone is open.

I know what zone but not what sensor in the zone is giving me problems.

Ah, this is a bit more complicated of a question.

The first thing I would do is double check the zone wiring at the panel. A loose wire is the easiest fix.

Are your sensors wired in series in wall or are they wired in series back at the panel box?

Are the sensors recessed or surface mounted? Do you have a multimeter?

If they are surface mounted, it may be easier, you could just try shorting each sensor with a wire between the two terminals. If one of them closes the circuit, that sensor is the problem and you can replace it. If none do, that suggests that the wiring is to blame, which makes it more troublesome to diagnose.

Nothing loose at panel box
Series in wall
I have a multimeter

If they are wired in series in the wall the best way to test the senors would be the prior suggestion. You could add a jumper to surface contacts, or pull and short the terminals of a recessed contact.

Do that for each sensor until you find the one that closes the circuit.