One door/window sensor giving false open/close events every 20 min

I recently installed my Qolsys IQ Panel 2+. I setup all of my existing Honeywell sensors. However I’ve noticed that one of my door sensors is giving false open/close events every 20 min. Not sure what the cause is as everything worked fine with my old Honeywell panel, and I didn’t move or uninstall/reinstall sensors after switching panels.

The offending sensor is a Honeywell 5816.

Did you auto-learn sensors? Sometimes when learning in existing devices you can get the wrong sensor tripped accidentally, primarily if motion sensors are involved.

Double check the TXID on the sensor and on that zone in programming. My first guess for something like this would be a motion TXID accidentally learned in.

If that is not the case, does the sensor report other signals properly? Does it open and close normally and throw tamper when opened? Have you replaced the battery lately?

Looks like it was a TXID issue! I double checked and it suddenly became obvious when a motion sensor and a door sensor were added both with the same one. Thanks!

Happy to help! Glad it was a quick fix! Let me know if there are any other issues.