Old SVR is dead. Cameras do not support on board recording. What are my options?

Pretty much the topic. I inherited a broken SVR-122 when I moved into my new home last year. There are 3 existing outdoor cameras that work great but do not support on board recording. What’s the best and/or most cost effective way to get back video recording?


Well, SVR-122s go for sale on eBay occasionally for $200-$300. Right now I only see one new one listed for $330, but I’ve seen used ones go for less. You have to keep a lookout.

You could also buy the CSVR (Alarm.com’s commercial version of the SVR, which also works fine with Surety) for ~$350. It hasn’t been discontinued.

Alternatively, you can buy 3 brand new cameras for not too much more than the CSVR. I just bought some new v724s from an authorized dealer for $165 a piece. And Surety sells the v723s for $175 a piece. But keep in mind you’ll need to add an “Endurance” SD card to the cost of each of these. For instance, I just bought Samsung’s new “Pro Endurance” 256GB cards to put in my cameras for $45 a piece — so that adds ~30% to the cost of each camera.

PM me if you need me to point you to where you can get the v724s or CSVR — Surety doesn’t sell them themselves.

With all of these you’ll have to have an active alarm.com subscription, like through Surety, at a tier that supports cameras. If you are looking for something that doesn’t require a subscription, then you’ll have to look at non-alarm.com stuff.

What’s wrong with the old SVR? If the HD is dead, you can easily replace it.