Old IQ Panel 2 Plus will not support Zwave S2 security?

Now that firmware version 2.4.0 is available, the TSB portion of Zwave states:

“Z-Wave: •Panel support for Z-Wave version 6.81.03, which includes S2 security and SmartStart. (Note: 6.81.03 will only be loaded on panels that are manufactured with 2.4.0 and not for panels that receive 2.4.0 OTA)•SmartStart enables faster, easier enrollment by using the built-in Panel Camera to scan the QR code on SmartStart enabled devices. Simply scan the device and power it up”

Does that mean existing owners of IQ Panel 2/Plus need to buy new panels in order to receive the new zwave feature set? I just purchased a brand new IQ Panel 2 Plus about 1.5 months ago and it is a little concerning that early adopters, existing owners may be left behind with such an important Zwave feature set.

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Yes, unfortunately 6.81.03 is a Z-wave radio version pre-loaded into new panel Z-wave. Existing panels cannot receive this as an update at this time. It may actually require alternate Z-wave radio hardware, but either way unfortunately only new panels will have access to 6.81.03.

QR Code scanning for S-line sensors is not included in this limitation and all panels should have access with 2.4.

Can we inquire further with Qolsys regarding the future of Z-Wave Plus on pre 2.4.0 panels? Is this a radio hardware difference issue, or is this something they will provide OTA in the future. Will we be able to purchase a new Z-Wave Plus daughter card pre-flashed with 6.81.03? I find this pretty disappointing as one of the touted features of Z-Wave Plus is specifically the ability to “future-proof” the home with OTA firmware updates.

This maybe another end-user disappointment similar to earlier adopters of IQ Panels wanting to upgrade to PowerG.

We’ve reached out to Qolsys for more info and will update here when we hear word.

The Qolsys IQ Panel 2 does use Z-wave Plus. As far as the new version goes, we’ve requested if they are investigating possible ways of adding this to existing panels in the future. I don’t think we will get too many specifics at this time, but it’s a good question.

Any update on this? Qolsys should really solve for this for previously shipped panels. Perhaps they can implement a paid upgrade where they ship user a new radio and the user returns the old one for them to update at a service center or whatever it takes. Buying a new panel is not in the cards, but the fact that they use modular radios should give other avenues of upgrades.

I heard that they are working on a software update that to upgrade the Z-Wave version on the IQ2+ to support S2. I’ll check with @tyler who spoke with them about it and we’ll follow up shortly.

Qolsys did in fact just say they were working on this as an update. There is no specific ETA yet, but it is anticipated fairly soon, perhaps within a month or so.

Any update on this OTA Z-Wave update for older Qolsys panels? I saw that Qolsys recently released firmware 2.5.0, but it does not seem to address Z-Wave S2.

This is not updated with panel FW 2.5.0 but an update for S2 compatibility should be coming soon, just no ETA yet.

Note, S2 needs to be available on the device, the panel and the device needs to be supported by Alarm.com.

The pairing process as it currently stands is not very DIY friendly either as it requires remote commands from the dealer’s end and needs to include the device’s DSK number.

Currently that list is rather small as well:

  • Alarm.com Smart Thermostat (ADC-T3000)
  • Alarm.com Smart Water Valve (ADC-SWV100)
  • Danalock V3
  • IQ Dimmer (QZ2140-840)
  • IQ Outlet (QZ2130-840)
  • Eaton Wireless Switch (RF9601D)
  • Eaton Wireless Accessory Switch (RF9617D)
  • Eaton Universal Smart Dimmer (RF9640-ND)
  • Eaton Smart Accessory Dimmer (RF9642-ZD)
  • Eaton Duplex Receptacle (RFTR9605-T)

As a follow up, there is a patch tag that is now available for users with panels that did not come with FW2.4.0 and Z-Wave FW 6.81.03 pre-installed.

This patch tag will allow you to download the Z-Wave FW version 6.81.03 (needed for S2 compatibility)

PLEASE NOTE: Your panel’s firmware needs to be at 2.4.0 or higher before running the patch tag. Additionally, upgrading the Z-Wave firmware could wipe all Z-Wave devices from your panel.

In order to update the Z-Wave FW to 6.81.03:

  • Navigate to Settings > Advanced Settings > Upgrade Software
  • Select “Patch tag”
  • Type in zwave681
  • Tap “OK”
  • Select “Upgrade using network”
  • Wait for upgrade and reboot

The update is on the small side, so it should be relatively quick.

After updating, you will want to check your local z-wave device list to ensure all devices are still connect. You may want to test devices to ensure they are functioning as intended.

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Thank you for this very helpful information, Tyler.

So I have updated my Z-Wave firmware to the 6.81.03 (panel is on 2.5.4). My question is do I need to delete and re-enroll to get S2 or will the panel relearn the capabilities for each device and switch supported devices from S0 to S2? Is there a way to see if S2 is used for a given device?

You will need to re-enroll the devices as that is set during the handshake and pairing.

The panel should prompt S2 during pairing when available on a device. There is not a list view on the panel that I am aware of which will provide that distinction after the fact.

I realize this is pretty old but I think it’s still relevant - so a few related questions:

  1. Does the non-plus IQ2 panel support S2 or the 6.81.03 firmware? Or does it have to be an IQ2+ panel?
  2. Is the zwave681 patch still available or has it been removed/replaced with something else? I’ve tried that patch tag on my IQ2 panel but it says no update is available. Of course, this could be due to #1.

When did u try this it might be where Qolsys discontinue the IQ panel 2 and 2 plus as the New IQ Panel 4 is out now

Yesterday, so that absolutely could be related. But it feels strange that I was able to get a regular firmware update to 2.6.2 but not the Z-Wave update?

I am not seeing a Surety subscription tied to this account, I asked Qolsys and they said they need the IMEI to look into it if there is a compatibility or other issue. If you can send that via private message I can relay it to Qolsys to confirm.