Notification Speed

I have 2 door sensors that I added as non reporting sensors (Type23). Basically have them installed so that if a cabinet is opened, I get a text. Problem is, even with my go bridge connected the actual text takes almost a minute from the time the sensor reports open to the time I’m notified.

I have a rule on my front door to send a text when that door opens and it comes back almost instantly. Is this because the front door sensor is a reporting sensor?

There should be no functional difference with regard to notifications as long as you are using sensor activity and not sensor left open notifications.

I see a number of tests of the new sensors report open in the history and confirmation of a text notification sent 2 seconds later. The latency you experienced may be related to your phone carrier, or keep in mind if you open and close a sensor repeatedly you may be opening it again before the activity delay period. There is typically a 2-3 minute delay between when the same signal from the same sensor will populate in history.

Are you noticing the same delay every single time you open those sensors or is it intermittent?

I just tested again this morning and it certainly was quicker than yesterday when I was playing with it repeatedly. 20 seconds or so. I know opening and closing within a certain window of time isn’t going to do much. It just seems weird because if I try to throw a tamper alert, it comes through a lot quicker.

I turned on push notifications in my ADC app on my phone. That ADC notification came first then the text with a second or two delay between them.

I guess I just got used to how quick my front door notified me that I thought this notification was running a bit slower. If it all seems normal, then I’ll just move on to the next project. Maybe I’ll just enable the chime on the panel for these 2 sensors.

As far as the confirmations in the history, I took a look through the notifications generated over the last 24 hours and all of the SMS notifications have a confirmation between 1 and 4 seconds later. This is across all sensors, so based on what I can see here it all looks normal.

It would not hurt to test those sensors and log the time it takes to receive texts. There shouldn’t be any pattern of delay between the different sensors, though SMS can be delayed by the service carrier.

Thanks Jason. I just ran another test on one of them. Opened the one drawer and hit the timer. Got the ADC push notification 27.5 seconds later. SMS was 29 seconds.

Try that a few times, then run the same test on another sensor, like the door sensor, in the same fashion.

A question: are these wireless sensors inside metal drawers/containers?

Ok ran 2 tests on all 3 sensors.


  • Cabinet Sensor 1 = 29.4s
  • Front Door = 31.9s
  • Cabinet Sensor 2 = 29.5s


  • Cabinet Sensor 1 = 28.1s
  • Front Door = 23.2s
  • Cabinet Sensor 2 = 30.6s

These times are based of the ADC push notification. The SMS came within a second of the ADC notification.

None of the sensors are inside a metal drawer/container. Cabinet Sensor 1 is attached to the outside of a metal door due to me not being able to align the sensor and magnet on the inside.

Ah, those look like what I would expect. Yes, push notifications will be on the whole a little quicker. Sometimes it won’t be a huge difference but that’ll depend on the carrier service.